fundacja andrzeja wróblewskiego

‘Collage – bonded worlds’ exhibition at the Four Domes Pavilion


‘Collage – bonded worlds’ exhibition at the Four Domes Pavilion consists of almost 130 works by more than 60 outstanding Polish and foreign artists, including the only collage by Robert Rauschenberg to be found in a Polish public collection.

The selection of works made in this unique and very diverse technique is an attempt to illustrate 150 years of collage history. The exhibition features works by artists such as Tadeusz Kantor, Zofia Rydet, Marian Warzecha, Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters, Jiři Kolář, Henryk Stażewski, Maria Pinińska-Bereś and Andrzej Wróblewski with his work ‘[Composition-Collage no. 959]’.

‘The creators of collages are keen to play a game with the viewer, sometimes confusing leads, at other times providing the solution to a problem straight away. They often use fragments of reproductions of iconic works of art, create uncanny spaces, and arrange unusual encounters. Anything is possible here, and the boundaries are set only by the imagination of the artist and the viewer’ says exhibition curator Anna Chmielarz.

Exhibition from October 16, 2022 till January 15, 2023.
Four Domes Pavilion – National Museum in Wrocław – Wystawowa 1, Wrocław