fundacja andrzeja wróblewskiego

A discussion with attorney Wojciech Jarosiński on cooperation with the Andrzej Wróblewski Foundation


Why does the Foundation need an attorney? With this question, we started a conversation with Wojciech Jarosiński, a lawyer who supports us and represents us in legal matters.

Our cooperation, initiated more than 10 years ago, started with the developing of a system for the protection of the artist’s image and related copyrights, working out and establishing standards of cooperation in numerous initiatives – including publications, exhibitions, scientific research, artistic projects and educational projects. This is a good time to thank him for this enormous contribution.

Why does the Foundation, not being the owner of a painting that has been in the collection of the National Museum since the 1960s, holds the copyright to it? What made it possible for the Foundation to protect Andrzej Wróblewski’s oeuvre? These are some of the other aspects that were explained during the conversation.